UPVC Roof Sheets

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All Roof Tiles for All Your UPVC Roofing Requirements

A new material that is finding its way into roofing is UPVC or unplasticised poly vinyl chloride which is manufactured by heating thermoplastic until it becomes soft and then rigid on cooling. UPVC has a huge advantage over wood because it is easy to maintain and lasts a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

Our technologically advanced factory is one of the biggest manufacturers of UPVC Roof Sheets in China and our productsare currently exported to many parts of the world because of its structural integrity and good quality. These roofing sheets are specifically designed for commercial, industrial, and even residential use, because they are very light and installation is very easy.

Our roof sheets comes in many colours and they are made in large quantities and are easy to manufacture; they have found favour in industry because it can be cleaned easily, does not need painting, and can withstand extreme weather and temperatures. All Roof Tiles make UPVC Roof Sheets, panels, and shingles among other products. They have gained popularity and are replacing conventional roofing materials like fiberglass, asbestos, galvanized iron, and tiles.

Another factor in favour of UPVC roof sheets is that during manufacture, they can be easily extruded into panels which makes up the roofing system. Being easy to mold, they can be made into a different shapes which is favoured by architects and engineers. Being completely weather resistant, they are also impervious to heavy rainfall and will last for decades with very little problems.