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Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles

Synthetic resin roof tiles have been widely recognized and noticed in the architectural field due to the unique advantages such as environmental protection, energy saving, recycle use, light weight, high intensity, waterproof, moisture proof, anti-corrosion, fire-retardant, soundproof, insulation, etc.

PVC/UPVC/APVC Corrugated Sheets

PVC/UPVC/APVC Corrugated Sheet Widely used for agricultural trade market, passageway, residence house, temporary housing, flat to sloping, villa, sunshade, rain shade, garages, commercial buildings, train station, bus station, newsstand, sports buildings, swimming pool, etc.

Anti-Corrosion Polyester Sheets

Anti-Corrosion Polyester Corrugated Sheets adopt unsaturated polyester resin as main raw material and non-alkali fiberglass chopped stitch felt as main reinforced material, plus with weather-resistance polyester felt and fluorocarbon coating. It is also high density and strength sheets.

FRP Purlins

FRP Purlin is made from the raw materials of unsaturated polyester resin, continuous non-alkali fiberglass yarn, non-alkali fiberglass chopped stitch felt and processing aids under the high temperature with the reasonable prescription and advanced technology.


Plastic Roof Sheets & Tiles


All Roof Tiles is a leading roof tiles/roof sheets manufacturer in China that you can finally trust your roofing to. We produce PVC, UPVC and APVC Corrugated Sheets, ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles, Anti-corrosion Polyester Corrugated Sheets and FRP Purlins for industrial and houses. As a premium-quality roofing material manufacturer, we strive to implement the latest advanced technologies in compliance with the highest international standards.

Being made of the highest quality raw material, our products will serve you long and save a lot of money, as well as time on fixing and maintenance. The main principles we follow and apply to our products are:

  1. Sustainability: Our efforts are mainly focused on increasing sustainability of our products. All of them outstandingly withstand bad weather conditions and have extra resistance capacity to water, fire, corrosion, wind and impact.
  2. Longevity: We pay close attention to the implementation of technologies that will maximize a living span of our roofing products in order to ensure your roof to last for years and decades.
  3. Affordability: We believe that a high-quality roofing material has to be affordable to a vast majority of householders. Your roof must be a good investment in the house both in the short and long run.
  4. Eco-Friendliness: We truly believe that people should do their best in order to protect our planet and minimize their harmful effects on it. That’s why we aim to produce our roof tiles and roof sheets the way they can be recycled at the end of their lifespan, as well as strive to implement eco-efficient technologies.

Our Main Products

  • PVC, UPVC and APVC Corrugated Sheets: The cost-effective and fast choice for lightweight roofing of greenhouses, balconies, sheds, markets, and warehouses. The materials have outstanding water isolation, heat, corrosion and wind resistance. We offer you a wide range of colors and specifications for the perfect fit to your needs.
  • Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles: Synthetic Resin materials are famous for their ability to withstand environmental hazards, excellent resistance to wind, fire, and water, along with great sound isolation performance. Synthetic resin roof tiles provide your roof with extra impact resistance and can be applied to any roof slope or roof framing due to lightweight materials the roof tiles are made of.
  • Anti-Corrosion Polyester Sheets: These are our best polyester corrugated sheets with increased corrosion resistance, can be applied both in high and low temperatures. The material helps the product to last long — for years — without unnecessary excessive issues regarding fixing and maintenance.

All Roof Tiles – A One Stop Shop for New Age Roofing Solutions

Whether it is protecting a family, keeping the interiors of commercial establishments safe or providing shelter to passengers at a public transport terminal, a good roof is an essential part of a building’s overall structure. All Roof Tiles, otherwise known as Wuxi JuLi Building Material Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cost efficient, sustainable, environment friendly and new age roofing tiles and sheets.

Premium Roof Tiles and Sheets

We provide an extensive range of roofing solutions to ensure our customers can meet all their roofing requirements. Our product range includes synthetic resin roof tiles, PVC/APVC corrugated sheets, anti-corrosion polyester sheets and FRP purlins. Whether you are installing a new roof or conducting maintenance and repair work on an existing roof, we offer a premium selection of roof tiles and sheets in a broad range of colors, styles and sizes. As a trusted roofing tiles and sheets supplier, we are an international success story and have been serving customers for over two decades now. Our products have been appreciated by the architect community and can be seen on many prestigious roofing projects in countries as diverse as Nepal and Brazil to name a few.

Excellent Product Development and Testing

Our roof tiles and sheets are manufactured using highest quality raw materials and advanced technologies that we have imported from abroad. We aim to provide premium quality roofing materials with long lasting functionality and aesthetics. While developing all types of roof tiles and sheets, we base our production philosophy on four vital principles – sustainability, longevity, eco-friendliness and affordability. We follow stringent QA standards and rigorous testing procedures to ensure our products display outstanding weather resistance, noise resistance, water resistance, fire resistance, high impact resistance and quality anti-corrosive properties.

Cost-Effective Roofing Solutions

As an experienced plastic roofing sheets manufacturer, we understand customers are looking for affordability and value for money solutions. We strive to keep costs of production as low as possible so we can pass on cost savings to customers. Because our products are built to provide service for many years, we believe they are economic solutions not just for the short term but also for the long term. As such, they require less maintenance and fewer repairs. Moreover, they are light weight and can be easily transported and installed with basic equipment which further reduces cost of deployment.

Eco-Friendly Roof Materials

The world is quickly realizing the need to adopt eco-friendly solutions in all spheres of life, and this including roofing solutions. All of us can play an important role in protecting and preserving the natural environment for future generations. As a socially aware and responsible entity, we strive to implement cutting edge, eco-efficient technologies that reduce carbon footprint. Our roofing materials are completely recyclable at the end of their lifespan. Unlike asbestos and other conventional roofing materials, they do not contain residues of dangerous substances that can damage human lives and environment surroundings. For unmatched performance, protection and affordability, choose All Roof Tiles roofing tiles and sheets. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch – our knowledgeable and friendly team will be happy to assist you!


Nepal Customer / CEO

JuLi PVC Roof sheets install rapidly that can save much time Compare with clay roof tile. This helps us a lot for this project is very hurry for time.

Brazil Customer / Manager

I few see it this kind of roof at our market, Seems wonderful, beautiful color, suitable size, excellent performance. Just as this main ridge, it’s wonderful.

Customer from Turkey / manager

We are living in Canada, and our business is for the small cottage And JuLi Synthetic Resin Roof tile is very suitable for the cottage / hub/Villa Easy to install.

Customer from Guinea / manager

We have use the metal roof sheet before , But the metal roof sheet is not heat resistance, And you know , it is hot all the time In my hometown.

Customer from Palestine / Project Head

WThis is the first time we cooperate with JuLi And the roof tile quantity meets our equipment very well. We looking for more cooperation in Further

Customer from Colombia/ Engineer

We use the clay roof tile before. But it heavy and cost high for transport Beside, easy to broken and not safety, so we come and check with JuLi PVC Roof Tile.

Customer from Palestine / manager

Our product character need the roof material have the corrosion resistance And anti-corrosion is the most important characters of JuLi polyester Fiberglass Roof sheet.

Customer from Sri Lanka/ Project Manager

Our factory needs to be production very urgently We compare with several building material JuLI PVC roof tile both can use for roof sheet and wall panel.

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