Teja Plastica PVC Sheets

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Teja Plastica PVC Sheets

Selecting robust, high quality and durable roofing tiles is of paramount importance as this safeguards our property and lives from inclement weather conditions and adds to the comfort and convenience. PVC/UPVC corrugated sheets are widely popular as they provide an excellent roofing solution. These sheets known for their superior strength, high resistance to fire and corrosion, lightweight and excellent weather resistance provide durable roofing solution to houses, villa, garages, outdoor playground roof, commercial buildings, sports buildings, and swimming pool and emergency shelters.

We at Wuxi JuLi Building Material Company Ltd. understand the importance of procuring and installing high quality roof tiles and sheets that provides clients the guaranteed satisfaction and the peace of mind. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of synthetic resin roof tiles, PVC/APVC corrugated sheets, polyester purlin and polyester sheet to cater to the increasing roofing needs of its clients.

Teja PVC is one of its kind translucent roofing sheets that is resistance to ultraviolet and impact and is highly flexible. The roofing sheets allow sunlight to pass through them thereby preventing glare caused by direct sunlight. These roofing sheets are extensively used in warehouses, schools and universities, rural and urban houses, green houses and sheds, low cost housing and coliseums.

If you are looking for quality plastic roofing material then selecting the Spanish roof tile Teja Plastica is the best bet. This plastic tile is an excellent alternative to traditional tile and is 100 percent free from PVC. Being completely recyclable, it has a superb thermal range and its colour and surface remains stable or unchanged over time. Being seven times lighter in weight than the traditional tile roof, the Teja Plastica roof tile is unique in the sense that it does not break even when it is walked over and requires least maintenance. Composed with the recycled composite polymers that include low density polyethylene (LDPE) with minerals and nanometric compounds does not require exposed screws, cement or adhesive as each panel can easily be joined with the other.

Wuxi JuLi Building Material Company Ltd takes pride on its manufacturing and supply capability facilitating the clients to get the choicest roofing solution as per their demands on a competitive price. When you deal with us, you can be assured of getting the best quality roofing solution in the most convenient way.

So what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact our expert and get the best roofing solution in the world today!