Synthetic Spanish Roof Tiles

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Get a Feel of the Mediterranean Lifestyle with Synthetic Spanish Roof Tiles

Spanish homes are famous for their red terracotta tiles which have been in use for thousands of years, because it keeps the inhabitants cool during the hot summers and warm during their winters. However, terracotta tiles are heavy to install and expensive to buy.

An appropriate solution for this is to get long lasting Synthetic Spanish Roof Tiles made by our company in Wuxi City, China. These quality roof tiles come in the very recognizable red colour like Spanish terracotta ones, but will never fade even after years in the sun. These synthetic or composite Spanish roof tiles look like a very good alternative to the original, without being too heavy or additional support structures.

The synthetic Spanish roof tiles are very light in weight and even helps to decrease roof maintenance tremendously, as they retain their shape and colour for years to come. Spanish roof tiles have been around for centuries and is much imitated by people from all over the world, but using these synthetic tiles, the homeowner gets the same look and effect at a fraction of the cost of the original.

Our synthetic Spanish roof tiles is an eco-friendly roofing alternative to similar products in the market, because it is fully recyclable, fireproof, weatherproof, and lasts a lifetime without too much maintenance. Though red is the most popular colour for Spanish roof tiles, there are other colours also available like orange and blue and whatever the choice, any home with this roof is warm and inviting.