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Are you looking for synthetic resin roof tiles for industrial or home use? Wuxi JuLi Building Material Co. Ltd. is a premier manufacturer and supplier of these new age roofing materials. The quality of our products is unmatched in the industry and we strive to serve our customers with outstanding customer service.

As the new generation light-weight environment-friendly building material, JULI Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles have been widely recognized and noticed in the architectural field due to the unique advantages such as environmental protection, energy saving, recycle use, light weight, high intensity, waterproof, moisture proof, anti-corrosion, fire-retardant, soundproof, insulation, etc. Application: Widely used for flat-to sloping roof conversion, residential houses, villas, shopping mall, new rural reconstruction, garden, farm stay, etc. Suitable for all slope roofs of concrete structure, steel Structure, wood structure, brick structure and other hybrid structure…

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Model JL-1050 JL-880
Overall Width 1050mm 880mm
Useful Width 960mm 800mm
Thickness 2.3/2.5/3.0±0.1mm
Wave Height 30mm
Length Customized (Shall be multiple of 220mm)
Purlin Space 660mm
Weight 2.3mm: ≈4.6kg/㎡ 2.5mm: ≈5.0kg/㎡ 3.0mm: ≈6.0kg/㎡
Container Loading Capacity Thickness ㎡/ 20FCL(21 Tons) ㎡/ 40FCL(26 Tons)
2.3mm 4500㎡ 5300㎡
2.5mm 4000㎡ 5000㎡
3.0mm 3500㎡ 4000㎡

Features Of JULI Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles:

Excellent Weather-Resistance: The surface material is coated with ASA which is super weather resistance engineering resin to ensure lasting beautiful color even under the conditions of longtime espousing in UV, humidity, hot, cold and impacting, etc.

Excellent Corrosive Resistance: It can resist acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosion in the longtime .Very suitable for the coastal areas with heavy salt&fog corrosion, and other serious air pollution areas.

Excellent Loading Resistance Property: JULI Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles are with excellent loading resistance property.

Excellent Impact Resistance : There is no crack on the surface of JULI Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles when 1 kg steel ball fall from 1.5m height, and also no hollowing, bubble, stripping& crack after freeze-cycle 10 times.

Excellent Insulation Properties : JULI Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles adopt Insulating material which is more safely than steel sheet especially at the areas of thunderstorm and near high voltage line.

Self-Cleaning: The compact and smooth surface with “lotus effect” don’t absorb dust, clean as new one after being washed by rain.

Convenient Installation:

  1. Large size per sheet with high installation efficiency.
  2. Light weight, easy hoisting and unloading.
  3. With complete supporting facilities.
  4. Simple tool and procedures.

Environment Friendly: Neither asbestos nor radioactive element, can be completely recycled to meet the requirement of environment protection.

Good Fire Resistance: Fireproofing performance reaches to class B1.

Good Sound Insulation: Noise is 30DB lower than color steel sheet.

Importance of Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles

One Product, Diverse Uses

Plastic coated synthetic resin roof tiles are a popular choice for diverse applications including flat to sloping roofs, residences, villas, permanent building roofs, shopping malls, farm houses, gardens, rural constructions, market sheds and lots more. Due to their incomparable features, our range of lightweight, environmental friendly synthetic resin roofing materials have been widely appreciated by the architectural community that recommends them for all types of constructions such as wood, steel, concrete, brick and hybrid constructions.

Outstanding Weather Resistance and Corrosion Resistance

As an experienced light weight resin roof tiles supplier, we ensure that our tiles have stability at the molecular level. The outer surface is coated with ASA, a superior weather resisting resin. Due to these two properties, our excellent quality tiles are able to retain their beauty even with long time UV exposure, humidity, extreme hot and cold conditions as well as other harsh environmental conditions. These roofing tiles are suitable for use in coastal areas and areas with heavy pollution because they can withstand long term exposure to acids, alkali, salt and other types of chemicals.

Load Bearing Capacity and Impact Resistance

Our synthetic resin roofing materials come with excellent load bearing capacity and possess remarkable impact resistance. Through a series of tests we have established that a 1 kg steel ball falling from a height of 1.5 meters does not cause our tiles to crack or get damaged in any way. Our tiles undergo ten freeze cycles to make sure extreme cold conditions do not cause any hollowing, bubbling, stripping or cracks in their structure.

Heat Insulation, Sound Insulation, Fire Resistance

Our premium light weight resin roof tiles are designed to provide excellent heat and sound insulation. In fact, they are safer than steel sheets and can absorb sounds when exposed to extreme weather situations such as storms, gale force winds. They make interiors quiet in such situations. The noise of our tiles is 50 decibels lower when compared to a colored steel sheet. The unique raw materials we incorporate in these tiles ensure good fireproof performance that reaches to class B1. Our tiles are very difficult to burn.

Environment Friendly Material

JuLi synthetic resin roofing tiles are recyclable and energy saving. Other materials such as asbestos cannot be completely recycled to meet government environment protection standards but our tiles can, which makes them an ideal choice to preserve the environment. Our tiles are designed with a compact and glossy surface with a unique ‘lotus effect’ which does not permit collection of dust. The result is that they look brand new and require just a natural wash by rain to get them cleaned. As a light weight resin roof tiles supplier, we understand the need for easy installation with convenient unloading and transportation. We provide these tiles in large size per sheet for greater installation efficiency. Our tiles can be installed with simple tools and procedures and come with full support accessories.

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