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Proper Roof Protection with Clay Roof Tiles & Accessories from All Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles have been around for centuries, and was one of the oldest forms of roofing protection dating back over ten thousand years. It was a popular choice because it offered all-weather protection to the inhabitants of the house and was extremely durable.

Clay tiles are heavy and require extra work during roof installation; they are also easily breakable, but weather resistance is second to none; the colours tend to fade away after a few years. This is where our All Roof Tiles has made great progress to come up with plastic resin clay tiles and clay roof tiles accessories which is useful in putting up a great roof.Some of our clay roof accessories include the diagonal ridge, three-way ridge, end-caps, and main ridge, etc.

The clay roof tiles accessories are available under our JuLi brand and are manufactured to look just like the typical clay or terracotta tilealong with a number of accessories commonly used in roof construction. The use of clay roof tiles is usually symbolic with wealth, high standards, and society stature, but they are difficult to maintain and drives up the building cost.

Among the items available, you have the rake angle, verge board, water proofing, and other accessories. But JuLi’s synthetic and/or resin-coated clay roof accessories and tiles are made from recycled plastic which comein the typical Mediterranean colours of red and blue. The whole effect gives the house a very Spanish look and is very popular.