Plastic Spanish Asa Pvc Roof Tiles

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Plastic Spanish Roof Tiles, Specially Designed & Manufactured For Outdoor Use

There has been a slow and steady shift of homeowners around the world from traditional roofing tiles, shingles, and shakes to plastic ones. These look like the original, but are much lighter, easier to fix, costs much less to transport and fix, and lasts a lifetime.

The biggest advantage of using plastic Spanish roof tiles is because they are very lightweight, the house structure does not need to be extra strong to support the weight of the traditional tiles. The plastic tile is around seven times lighter than a Spanish roof tile, which comes to an enormous weight saving all round. They are also very easy to fix as they are lightweight and does not need too much manpower to do the job properly.

The biggest advantage of using plastic Spanish roof tiles is that it does not require maintenance of any kind; no painting, no collection of fungus or moss on the roof; waterproof, and rain water will not accumulate, which could cause potential problems. There is no risk of cracking or rupturing of these tiles because they are impervious to extreme heat and cold.

Plastic Spanish ASA PVC roof tiles from good manufacturers around the world and our products made in China, are specially made with layeredcomponents that gives the tiles thermal and acoustic insulation properties. They are manufactured to be strong and can withstand hail and other impacts without breaking. They come in a range of 6-8 colours and homeowners can make their choice to match their décor.