PVC Roof Panels

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Quality Plastic PVC Roof Panels Are Perfect For Maintenance-Free Usage

The roofing system of a house, commercial establishment or factory is a major expense and the roof has to be perfect without a need to be repaired, repainted or maintained for a long time, and the best ways to accomplish that is to use PVC Plastic Roofing Panels.

The plastic PVC roof Panels are specially manufactured to look like the typical clay or terracotta tile found in many classical buildings, but expensive to manufacture, transport, and fix. Unlike those traditional tiles, the plastic roof panels are manufactured in square meter sections, complete with the ridges and barrels. They are available in sheets, are lightweight, and can be easily fixed by screwing the panels to the roof.

The PVC roof panels are ecologically friendly and can be recycled when its life is over; it also requires less energy to make when compared to the traditional clay/ceramic roof tile. The panels are fixed with screws to the roof structure which are concealed giving the roof a clean and smooth look. It also works great when it rains as the tile can channel water falling on the roof to the ground through gutters and pipes.

Some of the structures that use these PVC roof panels are residential homes, garages, farm houses, conservatories, etc., they are also used in roof conversions from a flat roof to a sloping one. Since the tiles are resistant to ultraviolet rays of the sun, they do not fade, weaken or lose structural integrity even after decades of use.