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JULI Anti-Corrosion Polyester Corrugated Sheets adopt unsaturated polyester resin as main raw material and non-alkali fiberglass chopped stitch felt as main reinforced material, plus with weather-resistance polyester felt and fluorocarbon coating. It is the high density and strength sheets that produced under high temperature & pressure of 8000KG tensile force with the current most advanced composite pultrusion technology.

With the reasonable production prescription, ingredients and design, JULI Polyester Corrugated Sheets have overcome all the shortages of other ordinary composite materials, such as steel sheet’s corrosion rust, intolerant aging, coating peeling off, big noise in wind and rain environment, etc.

And also have solved the problems of FRP corrugated sheets for uneven thickness, rough, low weather-ability, film easy aging off, flammable, easy chalking and cracking, and no hydrofluoric resistance, etc.

Widely used for light steel structure building, factories, farmers' markets, garages, parking, villas, agricultural greenhouse, chemical industries, grain storage, new rural reconstruction, fence construction, prefabricated houses, stadiums, waiting room, etc.

JULI Anti-Corrosion Polyester Corrugated Sheet JULI Anti-Corrosion Polyester Sheet is light at weight (3.4KG/Square Meter), low comprehensive cost.
Model Width Useful Width Wave Height Thickness Length
JZT.40-235-940 1005mm 940mm 40mm 1.7±0.1mm Customized(<5700mm for 20’Container <11700mm for 40’ container)
JZB.66-470-940 1060mm 940mm 66mm 2.0/2.5±0.1mm

Product Features:

JULI Anti-Corrosion Polyester Corrugated Sheet Stable Geometry Performance, Excellent High And Low Temperature Resistance

JULI Anti-Corrosion Polyester Corrugated Sheet are soiled and shaped under the average production temperature of 192℃. After testing, the heat distortion temperature is higher than 250℃ and the thermal expansion coefficient is 1.92X10-5/℃-1. There is no crack, hollowing, bubble and peeling off after 30 times’ freezing cycle testing. Therefore there is no droop, swell and deformation during use.

Excellent Weather Resistance

Doubly protected by fluorocarbon coating and polyester felt, ensure long lifetime and still keep the stability even chronically exposure in the environments of UV, hot, cold, damp and corrosive.( △E < 5 via CN10000 hours’ weather resistance test by CNAC, accordance with Nation Technical Standard. Note: 10000 hours in lab is equal to 28 years in nature environment.)

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

The materials of JULI Anti-Corrosion Corrugated Polyester Sheet itself have the natural anti-corrosion characteristics. There is no obvious change after soaking 120 hours in the solutions of 15% hydrochloric acid, 20% sulfuric acid, 40% hydrofluoric acid, 15% silicofluoric acid, 20% phosphate, 20% nitrate, 5% sodium hydroxide and ammonia.

Strong Wind Resistance

JULI Anti-Corrosion Polyester Corrugated Sheets themselves are tough and compact which can withstand 2000pa wind pressure (equal to wind grade 8~10)

Excellent Anti-Hail Performance

There is no broken and damage within 50mm hails for JULI Anti-Corrosion Polyester Corrugated Sheets have adopted non-alkali fiberglass chopped stitch felt as reinforced material with high impact-resistance. Test with 1KG steel ball free falling from 3M height, no any breaking.

Excellent Load-Carrying Performance

Adopts the advanced composite pultrusion technology, with excellent mechanical strength and physical properties.

Choose Anti-Corrosion Polyester Sheets for All your Heavy Duty Roofing Requirements

As a leading professional manufacturer and supplier of building materials, Wuxi JuLi Building Material Co. Ltd. offers quality polyester anti-corrosion roof sheets with high performance values and outstanding customer service. Our products are manufactured with superior design, raw materials and advanced composite pultrusion technology which have enabled them to overcome many drawbacks associated with other composite materials.

Superior to Other Roofing Materials

Being a premier anti-corrosion polyester sheets supplier, we understand that developing a quality product is a multi-step process, with special emphasis on selection of raw materials. For our anti-corrosion polyester sheets, we use unsaturated polyester resin as main ingredient, non-alkali fiber glass chopped stitch felt for reinforcement and weather resistant felt for superior outdoor performance. Our sheets come with fluorocarbon coating for long lasting stability and beauty. We have successfully overcome shortfalls of other materials including anti-corrosion steel sheets that display poor noise resistance, weather elements resistance and inferior aging properties. Our products are superior to FRP corrugated sheets that possess undesirable features such as uneven thickness, imperfect weather performance, poor aging, flammability and fragility.

Matchless Anti-Corrosion Property

We are currently offering anti-corrosion polyester roof sheets in two designs. No matter which design you choose, the fundamental product benefits remain the same. The most important benefit is their outstanding corrosion resistance. We have tested them extensively and found that there is no significant change even after soaking them for 120 hours in various chemical solutions such as 15% hydrochloric acid, 40% hydrofluoric acid, 20% sulfuric acid, 20% phosphate, 20% nitrate, 15% silicofluoric acid, 5% ammonia and 5% sodium hydroxide. Added to this is their superior mechanical and physical strength characteristics which make wonderful choices for heavy duty applications in chemical factories.

Excellent Temperature Resistance

Another remarkable feature of JuLi anti-corrosion polyester sheets is their superb resistance to extreme high and low temperatures. During manufacturing process, these sheets are shaped under high temperatures of up to 192 C and high pressure of 8000KG tensile force. Even with rigorous testing that includes 30 times freezing cycle, they do not display any bubbling, peeling, cracking or hollowing. Hence, we guarantee that there will be stable geometry and no drooping, swelling or deformation during use.

Superlative Natural Elements Resistance

As a trusted supplier of anti-corrosion roof sheets, we have incorporated many superior characteristics such as fluorocarbon coating and polyester felt for enhanced protection and weather resistance. Even with chronic exposure to UV, humidity, heat and cold, our materials are able to hold their stability. Being tough and compact, they can withstand winds of up to grade 10. Due to their high impact resistance property, they do no suffer any breakage or damage even when bombarded with 50 mm hailstones. In fact, tests have shown that even a 1 kg steel ball free falling on them from a height of 3 meters does not cause any breakage.

Due to all the above mentioned product features, our polyester anti-corrosion roof sheets are suitable for a wide array of uses such as in light steel structure buildings, warehouses, chemical industries, greenhouses, villas, garages and shaded parking areas, farmers’ markets, stadiums, shelters, prefabricated houses, wall cladding and rural constructions to name a few. Contact us to know how you can order our lasting value anti-corrosion polyester sheets!