PVC Roof Shingle

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PVC Roof Shingles, the Perfect Solution for Weather-Related Problems

Shingles are a type of roofing product which is flat and rectangular made from wood, cement, asphalt, metal, plastic, or composite materials, which are fixed on the roof in an overlapping fashion to provide the occupants with shelter from the elements.

Over the years, it has been the asphalt shingle that was the most popular roofing material because it was cheap and are made from various materials like wood or organic waste which is then saturated with asphalt, to make it waterproof. PVC roof shingle are made from plastic coated resin tiles which looks like the real thing. In some cases, the fiberglass material is coated on a shingle mat made from asphalt to give it the waterproof and fireproofing properties.

We are a technologically advanced company in China, who manufacture PVC roof shingles which have found use in many homes because it is lightweight but waterproof, fireproof, strong, and less expensive than different types of shingles available in the market. Some of the range of shingles available include asphalt, organic, fiberglass, wood, and slate. Shingles come in various materials, shapes, thickness and colour.

Shingles gives the roof of a home, character, but unfortunately, traditional shingles are very susceptible to the weather changes, and have a tendency to crack and letting rain water into the home. This problem is overcome with the PVC roof shingles, because they are made from PVC which is totally waterproof, and come in wide sheets of overlapping shingles which is easily fixed with less manpower.