PVC Roofing Tiles Supplier

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Maintaining Your Home’s Good Looks with Quality PVC Roof Tiles Supplier

One of the finest attributes of a house is a nicely fitted roof with tiles, shingles, shakes or sheets usually made of natural slate or other materials like asphalt, wood, and recycled materials.

Unfortunately, these roofing materials tend to fade, break, and leak over time which is where PVC roofing tiles come into the picture. We are one of the biggest Chinese manufacturer of roof tiles and we also make a whole range of roof tiles and corrugated sheets manufactured from PVC, UPVC and APVC.We also manufacture polyvinyl chloride or PVC roof tiles from lightweight plastic which is very strong yet soft and flexible, making it perfect as roofing material.

Some of the reasons why PVC roof tiles made by our company has become so popular over the years is that our tiles do not fade, giving the roof a new look for years to come. Additionally, if the tiles are fixed properly with proper drainage systems, they protect the house from water leakage; this is especially useful in sloping roofs of homes, villas, farmhouses, sheds, etc.

Good quality PVC roofing tiles have excellent resistance to all types of weather; one of the reasons is that the tile is coated with an epoxy or resin coating (ASA) which makes it extremely weather-resistant and retains its original colour by blocking out colour-fading ultraviolet rays. It is also resistant to most types of corrosion, which makes the tiles excellent for use in areas of fog, high air pollution, and hard water.