PVC Roofing Sheets

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PVC Roofing Sheets, Making the Best All-Year Round Roofing Material

One of the easiest ways to maintain the roof of a home, office or commercial establishment is to use PVC roofing tiles which incorporates the latest in materials and technology to provide the owners with a long-lasting roof requiring very little repair or maintenance.

One of the biggest companies manufacturing PVC roofing sheets is our modern factory in Wuxi City,China where we make synthetic resin tiles, panels, corrugated, plain sheets, and polyester sheets with anticorrosion properties. This type of roofing material is more suited for industry or commercial establishments because they can be made in long sheets that can be fixed to other panels to make a watertight and weather resistant roof.

PVC roofing sheets are often made with two PVC sheets coated with a special resin that has anti-climate properties. The advantage of this kind of roof is their imperviousness to ultraviolet rays, hot and cold weather conditions, as well as high humidity. Our products are made to sustain as little colour loss as possible, even if exposed to bright sunlight for the greater part of the day.

Our internationally acclaimed PVC roofing sheets come in three to four colours, which can be mixed and matched as per the design, but the biggest advantage is that they are all coated with ASA material. This makes the roofing sheet the best choice when it came to providing roofing support in a harsh outdoor environment. It has been specially manufactured to withstand weather conditions like hail, snow, rain, and frost.