PVC Plastic Sheets

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PVC Plastic Sheets, the Economical & Environmentally Friendly Roofing Material

In an effort to save money on external finishes, many factories, commercial, and residential properties are going in for PVC plastic sheets/panels as the roofingmaterial of choice; it is even being used as cladding for the façade.

One of the more popular choices for roofing materials today is polyvinyl chloride or PVC plastic sheets made from lightweight plastic which is made flexible and soft by the addition of plasticizers. Plasticizers are a solvent like material added to synthetic resin which imparts the property of flexibility and reduces brittleness to the finished PCV plastic sheet. This helps in the reduction in construction costs and are safer to use than steel sheeting.

This is one of the many products made by our highly advanced factory in Wuxi City, China which is in high demand in the domestic and international markets. Our clients have found there are many useslike roofing material in factories, storage sheds, warehouses, industrial complexes, etc. Our PVC plastic sheets are resistant to corrosion, are long lasting, have excellent insulation qualities, and do not react to alkaline, acid or salt.

Another plus point in the quality PVC plastic sheets manufactured by us is the fact that our products have been shown to be very environmentally-friendly. It does not contain asbestos and can be recycled easily, which allows it to meet the high environment protection requirements of many of the countries we export. Being significantly lighter than steel or galvanized iron, they can be transported easily and installed safely.