PVC/UPVC Corrugated Plastic Roof Sheets

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As the upgrade product of Color Steel Sheet, JULI PVC/APVC/AUPVC/UPVC Corrugated Sheets adopts advanced co-extrusion technology and use super weather-resistance resin ASA and PVC as main material mixing with UV resistance and other chemical adjuvant to enhance weather resistance ability and color durability.

Application: Widely used for agricultural trade market, passageway, residence house, industrial, home depot, temporary housing, flat to sloping, villa, sunshade, rain shade, garages, commercial buildings, train station, bus station, newsstand, sports buildings, swimming pool, outdoor playground roof, emergency shelter, building decoration, stage design, exhibition layout, road signs…Specially good effect in corrosive industries, e.g. ceramic factory, fertilizer factory, galvanization factory, aluminum factory, chemical factory, foundry factory, metallurgical factory, farms, pharmaceutical factory, packinghouse, textile&dyeing factory, leather factories, coastal factories, etc.

Model JL-900W JL-900T JL-920 JL-1050 JL-1130
Width(mm) 900 900 920 1050 1130
Useful Width 800 840 850 960 1050
Thickness 1.2/1.5/1.8/2.0/2.5/3.0
Length Customized(<5700mm for 20‘ , Container <11700mm for 40’ container)
Purlins Distance 600~1000mm
Weight 2.3mm: ≈4.6Kg/㎡ 2.5mm: ≈5.6Kg/㎡ 3.0mm: ≈6.0Kg/㎡ 2.3mm: ≈4.6Kg/㎡ 2.5mm: ≈5.6Kg/㎡
Container Load capacity Thickness Qty (21T/20 FCL) Qty (25T/40 FCL)
1.5mm 7000㎡ 9000㎡
1.8mm 6000㎡ 7000㎡
2.0mm 5100㎡ 6000㎡
2.5mm 4200㎡ 5100㎡
3.0mm 4200㎡ 4200㎡

Features Of JULI PVC/APVC Corrugated Sheet:

Excellent Anti-Corrosion: The materials of corrugate sheets don’t react with acid, alkali and salt so it isn’t corroded during the use in the long time. It is very suitable for the corrosive factories, acid rain and coastal areas.

Excellent Weather Resistance: It adopts the high quality PVC as basic material adding with UV ultraviolet, absorbent, antioxidant and modifier to ensure the long time durability even under the conditions of longtime espousing in UV, humidity, hot, cold and impacting, etc.

High Anti-Loading Capacity: : Adopt the advanced co- extrusion technology which has higher mechanical strength and physical properties comparing with normal ones.

Good Fireproofing Performance: Fireproofing performance reaches to class B1.

Excellent Heat Insulation: JULI APVC/AUPVC thermal conductivity is 0.22 W/(㎡•K) which is about 1/3 of clay roof tile, 1/2000 of 0.5mm color steel sheet. So it can keep the best heat-insulation performance without any heat insulation facilities.

Good Sound-Proof and Noise-Proof : JULI PVC/UPVC/APVC/AUPVC plastic coated corrugated steel sheet can effectively resist the noise from rain, wind, etc. and the noise is 30DB lower than steel sheet.

Excellent Insulation Resistance: Much more safely than steel sheet especially in the thunderstorm areas and near to high voltage line areas.

Environment Friendly: JULI PVC/UPVC/APVC/AUPVC Corrugated Sheets don’t including asbestos and radioactive element, meet the requirement of environment protection, can be recycled completely.

Light Weight: Easy to install and transport, and save cost.

PVC/UPVC/APVC Plastic Coated Steel Corrugated Roofing Sheets with Excellent Performance Features

With economic and construction boom, there is an increasing demand for advanced, tough and long lasting building materials. UPVC/PVC corrugated Plastic Roof Sheets are the ideal solution and have diverse applications. With our expert product development capacities and years of experience as a manufacturer of plastic and metal corrugated roofing sheets, Wuxi JuLi Building Material Co. Ltd. has emerged as a leading supplier of a wide variety of PVC/UPVC sheets.

Superior Manufacture Process

Our PVC/APVC/UPVC/AUPVC corrugated sheets are superior to color steel sheets. They are made using high quality raw materials including weather resistant resin ASA, PVC and other chemic adjuvants that enhance their weather resistance capabilities and color durability. We use advanced co-extrusion technology that infuses them with superior mechanical strength and high anti-loading capacity. As a reputed PVC/UPVC plastic coated steel roofing sheets supplier, we provide them in a wide variety of colors, sizes and thickness to make them suitable for diverse industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

Terrific Anti-Corrosive Option

Our PVC/APVC corrugated sheets are highly appreciated by our customers for features such as corrosion resistance, durability, insulation resistance and lots more. Since these materials do not react with salt, alkali or acids during long term use, they are optimal for use in corrosive factory applications as well as in coastal areas and areas receiving acid rain. These sheets are made of PVC and are imparted with useful properties such as anti-oxidants, absorbency, and UV protection to ensure long time durability. As such, they display excellent performance even with long-term exposure to UV rays, impact, humidity, heat and cold.

Weather Resistant and Environment Friendly

Being a renowned corrugated sheets supplier, we strive to make sure our products are cost effective and environment friendly. We are proud to say that our PVC/APVC corrugated sheets do not contain asbestos or radioactive elements. They are completely recyclable and meet environment protection requirements. Since our sheets are light weight, they are easy to transport and install. They help users reduce construction costs by a huge margin. Moreover, they are safer than steel sheets and due to their outstanding insulation resistance, they can be used in storm areas and near high voltage lines without any worries.

Fire-Proof, Noise-Proof Characteristics

These sheets are designed to be fire retardant. During tests, their fireproofing performance reaches to class B1. They have a thermal conductivity of 0.22W (m.K) which helps them give superior heat insulation performance. With noises 300 DB lower than conventional steel sheets, JuLi PVC/UPVC corrugated sheets have good sound and noise proof properties that allow them to provide a quiet environment in rainy and windy conditions.

Low Weight, Cost Effective Solutions

As an experienced manufacturer of plastic and metal corrugated tin roofing sheets, we make sure our products are made using the latest state-of-the-art machinery in a modern facility. Our PVC/UPVC corrugated sheets are cost effective and have diverse applications in both exterior and interior scenarios. They are suitable for sheds for use at warehouses, garage, villas, industrial, residences, car parks, home depot, swimming pools, outdoor shed facilities, public transport shelters, garages, commercial buildings, trade shows, exhibitions, stage designs and much more. They are highly effective in corrosive industries such as pharmaceutical factories, metal processing factories, fertilizer factories, leather factories and others.

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