ASA Royal Roofing Sheets & Tiles

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Benefits of a WuXi JuLi’s New Age Roofing Material, ASA Roofing Sheets & Tiles

Clay tiles have been used by many civilizations in the past, and one of the main reasons for their success was their durability and ability to handle severe weather. The disadvantage was that it is a heavy tile, expensive to produce, and fix.

Alternatives for the clay or terracotta tiles were many, but they all had the problem of fading, cracking with extreme temperatures, and not good waterproofing qualities. The ASA Roof Tiles sorted out all these problems which came in sheets and could be laid very easily. Being made with the special ASA or Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acrylate polymer coating over the synthetic tile.

The ASA Roofing Sheets solved all the deficiencies of synthetic roof tiles by being bonded and extruded together with the actual tile itself, usually in long sheets, though it could be made into individual tiles, shingles, or shakes. Their main use was in places that had heavy rainfall, snow, and frost because the ASA layer ensured that the tile was impervious to the elements. It also retained the original colour for a very long time.

Other properties of our ASA Roofing Sheets besides being colour-proof and weatherproof is being fireproof, anti-corrosion, and impact-resistant. They are also very lightweight, especially when compared with normal ceramic tiles. This modern-era roofing material has found a place in many industries, factories, conservatories, and in conversions from flat to sloping roofs. Their claim to fame about preserving its original colour is because they are impervious to sun’s ultraviolet rays.